While any organization trying to connect to their Gsuite account with Zluri. they might encounter with an error message indicating there is an Authorization Error - 400 admin_policy_enforced.
NOTE : This is not an error from Zluri, but this is related to configurations made by Gsuite administrator that restricts access to the third-party apps to the google workspace data.

This article will certainly provide the steps to allow Zluri to access your organization's google workspace successfully.

When you start connecting from the Integration page to Gsuite for the first time and you encounter with an error admin policy was enforced and Zluri cannot be authorized. as shown below.

To resolve the this error, the G-Suite administrator needs to allow access to Zluri, If you can access the Google Admin console with your account, these changes can be made by you. Otherwise, Please contact the administrator for your organization and ask them to follow the below steps.

Log in to the Google Admin console.

1, From the Home page, go to Security >> API Controls.
2, Under App access control, click MANAGE THIRD-PARTY APP ACCESS.

3, Add a filter to find the Zluri app in the list. Enter "Zluri" in the Contains field, and click on APPLY.

4, Check the box for Zluri and click on Change access.

5, Choose the Trusted option to allow access to all Google services, and then click on Change.

If you don't have Zluri from the third-party apps list,


You need to click on "Configure New App" and enter any of the above Client IDs or Enter the Zluri app - "to select all the client IDs" and choose as Trusted.
Once that is done. go back to Zluri and connect with Gsuite again.

Below are the definitions of each access level on Gsuite.

  • Trusted: Can access all Google services.

  • Limited: Can access only unrestricted Google services.

  • Blocked: Can't access any Google service.

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