Follow 3 simple steps to complete Onboarding with Zluri
Please click on the Video button below to understand the Zluri onboarding process.

Step 1: Add your Organisation details

Step 2: Add your Team details

Step 3: Add your financial details

To get started, please log in to the URL:
Click on Sign up with email or signup with Google Workspace.

1: Add your name.

2: Enter your work email.

3: Enter a password and click on Sign up.

NOTE: You will be getting a confirmation email to your registered email address
Please access your email and click on verify account on your email.

NOTE: If you don't see a verification email in your inbox, please check your spam folder

Once sign-up is completed, follow the below steps.

STEP 1 - Add your company details,

  • Add your company name

  • Default currency

  • Choose a financial year/Month as shown below.

STEP 2 - Add your Team

You can add your team by connecting with any SSO like Gsuite, Azure AD, Okta, etc with your admin credentials only.

NOTE: If you don't have admin credentials to Gsuite, you can send an invite to your co-worker who has the admin rights to authorize and sign into the Gsuite.

  • Click on send to co-worker option as shown above to send an invite to the co-worker to approve the Gsuite connection

  • If you need your co-worker to complete the authorization, You will need to fill in their name, email & a note (optional) and then send an invite accordingly as shown above

  • Your co-worker will get an email with a link to complete the authorization.

  • Once the Co-worker connects successfully with Gsuite on Zluri, you will see a ‘blue tick mark on the Gsuite application as shown below.

STEP 3 - Add your financial details

You can add your financial details to keep a track of your SaaS spendings

  • " You can directly integrate with your accounting software like Quickbooks or Netsuite or with your expense software like Coupa or Expensify with Zluri "

  • If you DO NOT use any of the above accounting software you can still upload your financial data in a CSV format that we accept as shown below.

To upload financial data in CSV format, please follow the below instructions

  • The date should be in YYYY-MM-DD format.

  • Transaction description.

  • The amount should NOT be separated with a comma.

  • Choose your desired currency.

Here you go! , you have completed all the steps.
Congratulation! You have successfully onboarded with Zluri.

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