Zluri application settings include 5 different stages.

  • Account.

  • General.

  • Administration.

  • Custom fields.

  • Custom Apps.

1, Under Account tab:

  • You can add or remove an organization logo.

  • You can add account details, account name, Email address, and phone number.

  • You can Reset a password as shown below.

2, Under the General tab

  • You can update your company name

  • Choose a default currency

  • Choose financial year begins from

  • You can add your Payment owner and IT owner here as shown below.

3, Under the administration tab

  • You can add or invite a new user as an admin to Zluri as shown below.

4, Under Custom fields

  • This will allow you to add Custom fields on the Transaction, Users, Departments, Application pages.

  • Click on Add new field against each page like (Transaction, Users, Departments, Application)

  • You will be allowed to add custom fields like Textbox, Drop down, Boolean, and Date picker. as shown below.

5, Under Custom apps

  • Applications added here are either added by you OR identified by us through our integrations that are not present in our database.

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