To invite a user to access Zluri.

Go to Settings >> Administration >> Click on Add as shown below.

You can invite users as,

  • Owner

  • Admin

  • Viewer only

1, Owner:
Users with owner access will have all the privileges and manage the subscription and billing.
Owner can invite other admins and owners
Owner can upgrade and downgrade Zluri subscriptions
Owner can remove users or delete users
Owner can change the permission levels

2, Admin:
Users with Admin access can manage day-to-day administrative tasks.
Admins can add and edit applications
Admins can add and edit users
Admins can add and edit departments
Admins can upload transactions and map transactions to applications
Admins can assign owners to each application and department heads
Admins can edit department budget
Admins can download reports from Zluri
Admins can integrate with other applications on Zluri.
Admins can send requests to other admins to integrate applications
Admins can upload contracts and set up customized reminders for renewals.
Admins can archive and unarchive an application
Admins can also export and import data to Zluri
Admins can upload vendor details

3, Viewer: Users with Viewer access will be ONLY able to view data on Zluri.
will not be able to take any ACTION

NOTE: User's who have been invited for access, will get an email to their registered email address on Zluri.

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