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Adobe Creative Cloud Integration
Adobe Creative Cloud Integration

This article describes how to connect Adobe Creative Cloud with Zluri.

Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

1. Login to Adobe developer Console i.e.

2. Change your role to System Administrator of the organization

3. Create a new Project by clicking the button Create new Project

4. In the project , Select add an API .

5.In the list select Adobe Services ,

6. Select User Management API and click on Next

7. Select the first Option :

8. You will be download a [](<>) file . which contains a file named private.key , copy the file content and paste it in the private key field in zluri

9.Save the configured API to your project by clicking the Save Configured API button in bottom right

10.Go to credentials Tab in the side bar.

11. Copy Client ID ,Client secret , Technical Account Id and Organization ID


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