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Microsoft 365 Integration
Microsoft 365 Integration

This article explains how to integrate Microsoft 365 with Zluri.

Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

By default, user details will be hidden for all reports.

NOTE : Reports provide information about your organisation's usage data. By default, reports display information with identifiable names for users, groups, and sites. Microsoft Teams hides user information by default for all reports as part of their ongoing commitment to help companies support their local privacy laws.

But Zluri requires Username, email and other user metadata to populate them on the platform.

Hence, to unhide user-level information when you're generating your reports, a global administrator can quickly make that change in the admin centre.

Global administrators need to revert this change for Zluri and show identifiable user information. It can be achieved in the Microsoft 365 admin centre by following these steps:

Select scopes according to your needs to make the most out of Zluri's Discovery, Workflows, SAML or License Management features.

You can also select default scopes for a hassle-free experience.

NOTE : If you have the Microsoft 365 Global Admin credentials you can authorize yourself. Or you can send an invite to your co-worker to complete the authorization.

Once connected, Zluri allows you to save this connection instance. You can also connect multiple instances of an integration with additional scopes according to your requirements.

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