For SAP Ariba APIs administrator account is required.

Your organization must have a current license for one or more SAP Ariba solutions or an Ariba Network solution component to use the APIs. Example solutions include SAP Ariba Buying, SAP Ariba Discovery, SAP Ariba Invoice Management, SAP Ariba Payables, and others.

Your organization's SAP Ariba administrator can request this account at the SAP Ariba developer portal:

How to register your organization to use the developer portal

  1. At, and choose your region from the Portals dropdown.

  2. Choose to Request an account and fill out the form.

  3. You will receive an email in response to the form. Follow the instructions in the email to receive login credentials for a user with the Organization Admin role.

  4. At, choose your region from the Portals menu, and log in using the credentials you received.

  5. Agree to the Terms of Service for your region.

To authenticate to the SAP Ariba APIs, you will need your application's application key and OAuth client ID.

Once your SAP Ariba APIs administrator access to the SAP Ariba developer portal has been established you can complete the following mentioned steps.

How to find your OAuth client ID and Secret

  1. Log in to the SAP Ariba developer portal.

  2. Click Manage and select an application from the list.

  3. The application key for your application is the value in the Application key field. The Oauth client ID is the value in the OAuth client ID field.

  4. Select your application from the list of applications

  5. Choose Actions then Generate OAuth Secret

  6. Click Submit. The OAuth Secret and Base64 Encoded Client and Secret are displayed temporarily.

Server URL

You can find the value of oauth_server_url_prefix for your region on the SAP Ariba developer portal on the discovery page for any API, in the Environment details table.

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