You need to perform the following steps in your Autodesk account to complete the Autodesk integration.

Login to your Autodesk forge account on

Click on create App, and input all the required information

After that on clicking on the created app, you would get the following

  1. Client ID

  2. Client Secret

Please save the client ID and client Secret for future reference

After performing the following steps start the following steps to create a custom integration in your account

  1. Log in to your

  2. Go to settings and navigate to custom integrations

  3. Click on custom integration, a form would appear

  4. On the pop up select both the options present on the screen

  5. Select I am a developer option , click next

  6. On the next screen, copy you account ID and keep it as you would need it to process the integration

  7. Check I have saved the account ID option

Paste your client ID in the field “ Forge client ID ”

Update app name , app logo , and app description

Below are some links for reference



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