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How to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri
How to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri
This article explains how to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri.
Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

Please follow the below steps to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri.

  1. Go to https://{{your_domain}}

  2. In the Admin Console, go to Applications > Applications.

  3. Click Create App Integration.

  4. Select SAML 2.0.

  5. Click Next.

  6. In General settings, enter an App name (for example, Zluri SAML).

  7. Click Next.

  8. In SAML Settings, configure the following:



Single sign on URL

Audience URI (SP Entity ID)

(add urn:auth0:{{TENANT_NAME}}:{{CONNECTION_NAME}})

Name ID format

Select Unspecified.

Application username

Select email

You can get the value of single sign-on url and audience URI from the Zluri dashboard from the settings -> SSO page.

Please find the screenshots on how to add the values to Okta.

9.Click Next.

10. Select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app.

11. Select This is an internal app that we have created.

12. Click Finish.

13. In the Settings section of the Sign On tab, locate and click on View SAML setup instructions on the right side and copy Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL:

14. Download certificate required to upload on Zluri dashboard.

15. Assign app to all the users by clicking on assign to groups

On Zluri dashboard enter the sign in url you obtained in step no. 13 & upload the certificate you have downloaded & click 'Save'.

Then click 'Test connection' to try logging in with your Okta credentials. If you are able to login successfully, then it works. Next time any user of your organization tries to login they will be redirected to the Okta login page.

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