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How to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri
How to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri

This article explains how to configure Okta SAML login for Zluri.

Written by Chinmay Panda
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Enabling SAML affects all users who use this application. Users won't be able to sign in through their regular sign-in page. They are able to access the app through the Okta service.

Zluri doesn't provide a backup sign-in URL where users can sign in using their regular username and password. If necessary, contact Zluri Support ( to turn off SAML.

Configuration Steps:

  1. Please visit Admin -> Applications -> Applications -> Browse App Catalog.

    Search for Zluri and add integration.

  2. Visit the 'Sign on' tab and Click 'More Details' and copy the sign on url.

    3. Enter the sign on url in Zluri on the Settings -> SSO Page

    4.Copy the connection name from Zluri dashboard as shown above and paste it in Okta Advcance Sign on settings

5. Download the signing certificate and upload it in Zluri.

6. Your SAML configuration for Zluri is complete. You can start assigning people to the application. Click Save and then 'Test Connection' in Zluri. You will be able to test out the following flows.

Supported Features:

SP-initiated SSO (Single Sign-On) 
IdP-initiated SSO

SP initiated SSO:

The sign-in process is initiated from Zluri App..

  1. From your browser, navigate to the

  2. Enter your email and click 'Proceed'. You will be redirected to Okta sign in page.

  3. Enter your Okta credentials (your email and password) and click "Sign in with Okta". If your credentials are valid, you are redirected to the Zluri dashboard.

IdP initiated SSO:

The sign-in process is initiated from Okta.

  1. Please reach out to Zluri support to enabled IdP-initiated SSO after you have successfully configured SP initiated SSO.

  2. Users can login to Okta and click on Zluri. They will be directed to Zluri dashboard.


The following SAML attributes are supported:

| Name | Value |
| --------- | -------------- |
| email | |

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