Please follow the below steps to configure Google SAML Login for Zluri.

  1. Go to

  2. On right sidebar navigate to Apps -> Web and mobile apps

  3. Click on Add App and select Add custom SAML app

  4. Add App name (any) and continue

  5. Copy SSO URL (this will be needed in step 17)

  6. Download Certificate (this will be needed in step 18)

  7. Click on continue


  9. Add Entity ID (add urn:auth0:{{TENANT_NAME}}:{{CONNECTION_NAME}})

    You can get both ACS URL & Entity id from Zluri dashboard from settings -> SSO page.

10. Select Name ID format as Email

11. Select Name ID as Basic Information > Primary Email

12.Click Continue

13.Click on Add Mapping

14.Select Primary Email from Google directive attribute and add email as App attribute

15.Click on Finish

16.On this screen click User access and select On for everyone and save.

17. In Zluri interface please upload the 'sign in url' obtained in step 5.

18. Also, please upload the certificate obtained in step 6 and click 'Save'.

Click 'Test Connection' and you will be redirected to the Google login page. Enter your credentials and if you will be logged in to the Zluri application, then it works.

Any user from your organization trying to login to the Zluri application, will be redirected to the Google login page.

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