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Deploy Chrome Agent Through Kandji
Deploy Chrome Agent Through Kandji

This article explains how to deploy chrome agent through Kandji

Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

Note: The first step in installing the agent using an MDM is to integrate the MDM with Zluri, here you need to integrate Kandji with ZLuri before you go ahead with the following steps, also you need to have all the devices you are installing the agent in, enrolled in kandji.

Please ensure that the users have logged in the browser for the auto- auth to happen.

Steps to deploy Chrome agent through Kandji:

Click ‘Blueprints’ from the left navigation menu.

Click ‘New Blueprint’

Click ‘start from scratch’

Enter name & description

Click ‘Library’

Click ‘Add New’

Select ‘Mac’ & Click ‘Custom Apps’

Click ‘Add & Configure’

Add Title, Select the Blueprint created above.

In installation, Select ‘Install once per device’

Enter the audit script provided to you.

Add the pre install script, upload the package for chrome ext (You can download the package here) & add the post install script.

Here is the preinstall script:

Postinstall script:

Save & Edit the custom App.

Go to ‘Devices’

Select All Devices or selected devices as per your requirement

Click on > ‘Assign Blueprint’, Select the Blueprint and Click ‘Change’

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