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Enforce Users to login using their official email id
Enforce Users to login using their official email id

This article explains how you can enforce users to use their official email id to login to Chrome.

Written by Chinmay Panda
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  1. Visit Devices -> Chrome -> Guides

Verify domains

Setup your organizational structure (Optional)

2. Enroll Browsers
Please follow the below steps on how to enroll your browser. You

You can use a MDM to enroll the browser.

Please find the links below on how to enroll the browser through JamF & Kandji.

3. Visit Chrome -> Managed browsers, Click on the '+' button on the bottom right of the screen and you will get the enrollment token.

After enrolling the browser either chrome or whole laptop has to restart.

4. Visit users & browsers and make some configuration changes.

Force users to sign to the browser.

Add sign in patter * to enforce signing in through official id.

Enable users to have a separate profile.

Enable 'Ambient Authentication'

Session settings: Do not show sign-out button tray

Enable Browser Reporting.

Set upload frequency.

Enable Event Reporting

Chrome Management For Signed in users

Data will start flowing and you will get the list in Managed Browsers page.

Reports -> Apps & Extensions

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