NetSuite (Rest) integration fetches data from NetSuite (Rest) APIs. It fetches VendorBills, Journal Entries & Invoices. It gives the Memo, Date, and Transaction amounts. If you wish Zluri to fetch Journal Entries and Invoices you should connect to this integration.

Zluri also supports a NetSuite SOAP API based integration. Please visit page for more details.

To connect with NetSuite you will need Admin level permissions. Please login to your NetSuite account with Administrator credentials to perform the below steps.

Step 1: Enable Token-Based Authentication

  1. Visit Setup > Company > Enable Features > Suite Cloud > Manage Authentication

  2. Enable Token-Based Authentication

3. Visit SuiteTak (Web Services), Enable 'Rest Web Services' .

Step 2: Create an integration

  1. Go to menu Setup > Integrations > Manage Integrations

  2. Tap the New button

  3. Set the name to "Zluri Integration".

  4. Please make sure to check the following boxes






  5. Please update Callback and Redirect Url as ->

  6. Click Save

  7. At the bottom you will find the consumer key and consumer secret

Please take note that Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values are displayed only once, so please make sure you copy them before going to another page.

If you don't have/forgot the consumer key / secret, You can edit and save the integration to generate the keys again. Please visit Setup > Integrations > Manage Integrations and click the integration name to edit & save it.

Step 3: Create token

  1. Please visit the homepage of your NetSuite account by clicking the home icon. Scroll down on the left side and find the Settings section.

  2. In the Settings portlet, click the Manage Access Tokens link.

    The Settings portlet with the Manage Access Tokens link highlighted.

    The My Access Tokens page appears, listing all the tokens for the current user in the current role.

    The My Access Tokens page.
  3. Click New My Access Token.
    The Access Token page appears.

    The Access Token page.
  4. On the Access Token page:

    1. Select the Application Name (The integration you created in step 2)

    2. The Token Name is already populated by default with a concatenation of Application Name, User, and Role.

  5. Click Save.
    The confirmation page displays the Token ID and Token Secret. Please note these down. If you have forgotten/don't have these details please perform the 'Step 3' again to get these details.

Step 4: Get the Account ID and Suitetalk (Rest Web Services URL)

  1. Visit setup > company > company information in your NetSuite account.

  2. Search for ACCOUNT ID

  3. Under Company URLs search for SUITETALK (REST WEB SERVICES)

Please note the following information to use for connecting Zluri with NetSuite.

  1. Rest service url (eg. - Please enter with without the end '/'

  2. Account ID

  3. Consumer key

  4. Consumer secret

  5. Token ID

  6. Token Secret

    Once you have these details please login to Zluri and visit the sources -> integrations tab and search for NetSuite (Rest) and click connect. It will open a form as shown below. Please enter the details you have obtained from NetSuite in the below form and click 'Connect'

Once all the details are entered correctly it will display a connection successful message and you can save it. Please visit Sources -> Integration -> Connected tab in Zluri to find NetSuite (Rest) integration to confirm that it has been connected.

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