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Azure AD/ Microsoft 365/MS Teams Data Processing

This article explains how to validate the Microsfot 365 data that appears in Zluri.

Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

Zluri integrates with Azure AD to fetch the list of users, licenses, groups and their activities. In this article, We will understand how Zluri fetches the user & license data, How it processes and how it presents it in the interface.

How Zluri fetches the data:

Zluri calls the following api to fetch the list of users & licenses

Status Mapping:

Users with 'accountEnabled' : True , User Application Status = Active

Users with ''accountEnabled' : False, User Application Status = Inactive

Users present in the API response earlier sync but not coming in current sync , User Application Status = Inactive

License Mapping
The Azure AD licenses are mapped based on the skuids present in assignedLicenses key.

How to validate the data:

You can login to Microsoft Admin dashboard and visit this link.

You can download the list of active users.

To check the number of licenses you can visit the following link:

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