Zluri fetches the list of users from Toggl Track. This article explains how you can validate the user data presented in Zluri.

How Zluri fetches data:

Zluri uses the following API to fetch the user data https://developers.track.toggl.com/docs/api/organizations#get-list-of-users-in-organization

Status Mapping

Users with inactive = False, are mapped to User application status = True.

Users with inactive = True, are mapped to user application status = False.

Users who were coming from earlier syncs, but not in the current sync are mapped with user application status = False.

How to validate the data.

Log in to your TogglTrack account and select the ‘Organizations’ option to the bottom left hand side of the screen > Next select the ‘Show Active’ drop down menu to select the ‘Active’ option.

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