Zluri fetches list of Okta users, licenses and activities from Okta. This article explains how you can validate the Okta Users & licenses presented in Zluri.

How Zluri fetches the data:

Zluri uses the following API to fetch the users from Okta.

Status & License Mapping:

Users with status = 'Active'/'Password Expired' are mapped to User application status = Active and assigned a license.

Users with status = 'provisioned', 'staged', 'recovery', 'suspended' are assigned user application status = Suspended.

Users coming from earlier syncs but not coming in latest sync are assigned user application status = 'Inactive'.

How to validate the data:

After logging into your Okta account. On the left hand panel, select the ‘Directory’ and then ‘People’. On the ‘Status’ drop down, select the ‘Active’ & 'Password Expired'

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