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Zoom(Custom) Integration
Zoom(Custom) Integration
This article contains how to create an app for Zoom (Custom) integration
Written by Chinmay Panda
Updated over a week ago

Connecting to Zoom Custom requires multiple steps to be performed in your Zoom account. Please follow the steps below.

  • Login to your Zoom account

  • Go To -> Advance->App Marketplace

  • In the marketplace, go on develop and select Build App

Select Oauth app

In the scopes section add the following scopes

    • In Report Section

      • View sub account's report data /report:master

      • View report data /report:read:admin

    • In User Section

      • View users information and manage users /user:write:admin
        View users information / user:read:admin

  • Fill the remaining required fields. According to your company

  • Copy the client id and secret and paste them here in the interface.

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