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Linux Desktop Agent
Linux Desktop Agent
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Get actionable insights on your organization's SaaS usage

Zluri is an enterprise SaaS Management Platform(SMP). It helps you discover, manage, optimise your SaaS stack from a single dashboard.

What Zluri Does:

  • Zluri puts the IT Teams back in control of their new Saas-ified landscape.

  • Zluri helps to bring shadow IT to light, proactively monitor and manage SaaS spend, automates end-to-end SaaS apps renewal management.

  • Zluri is data-driven and helps IT teams simplify, plan, secure, and get the most out of their SaaS apps portfolio.

  • Zluri uses various ways to discover SaaS applications. The browser extension is one of them.

  • Zluri browser extension helps IT administrators discover the SaaS applications & used by employees of the organization.

The Zluri desktop agent is a lightweight application that lives in your computer's toolbar. This application reads SaaS usage & activities and sends them to the Zluri server for further analysis, which is then presented on the Zluri dashboard.

Version: 2.1.0

How it works:

  1. Identifying as a SaaS app
    When an application is opened in the Desktop, We fetch the application name and identify the SaaS application from it.

  2. Each visit is counted as an activity.
    Each time the application is opened is counted as an activity.

  3. Analyzing the activity data
    Once we have the activities attributed to users, we aggregate that at least at a daily level for the organization & calculate how frequently the user is using an application compared to other users of the same application. This gives us a percentile score for a specific user for an application within that organization.

Data Collected:

We collect only non-sensitive information from your system, which is listed below.

  • Device Information

  • List of Applications running in the background

  • All softwares / applications are installed on the device

  • The time for the application has been running

  • Launching & closing of an application

How to Install:

Step 1) Download the agent by clicking here for .deb file or here for appimage file

Step 2) Install The Agent

Step 3)Enter your work email (You will get a Validation Code on your email address.)

Step 4) Enter the Validation Code & you will be signed in.

Step 5) Restart the system

Step 6)Now the Agent is all set, it will continue to send data to Zluri servers in the background

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